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Eyelash Extensions

Achieve natural looking, long lasting, beautifully extended eyelashes by adding volume and length with Eyelash Extensions. Eyes look larger and more defined in just minutes, go out looking great, wake up looking great!

Full Set Classic: $150
One eyelash extension is applied to one natural eyelash. Faux mink is a synthetic fiber in a beautiful deep black sheen. Because faux mink is a synthetic lash, you are able to create the most fantastic and divers looks on each set of eyes.

Full Set Classic Mink: $235
Genuine mink eyelash extensions are Mink fur. This lash provides a light weight and natural look. The perfect option for those with weak or naturally very short lashes.

Full Set Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions: $200
Russian Volume is the newest technique using a synthetic eyelash 1/4 the weight of a human hair. Multiple extensions are fanned and placed on one individual natural eyelash. This look is completely customizable and will not damage the natural eyelash.

Full set lower lashes: $55
To complete your look, add bottom lashes. This creates a “mascara” look and defines the bottom lash line.

Refills every 2-3 week
Classic: $55+
Mink: $85+
Volume: $75+

Eyelash Extensions Policy
  • Being Late, Last Minute Cancellations, No Show:

You must cancel or reschedule 24 hours before your appointment so that you do not incur the $50 cancellation fee. It is to our discretion to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late.

Please take into account driving time and time to find parking. There is 2 hour parking on the street and 3 hour parking lots as well.  Your appointment will start at the time you booked your appointment, not the time you arrive to your appointment, and finish at your scheduled service time. If you are late please let us know ASAP.  We are not able to extend your application hours.

No shows and day of cancellations will be charged the full price of the service booked.

To cancel or re-schedule, please call (408) 692-5012. No E-mail cancellations please!

If you do not show up (No Show) or have frequent last minute cancellations, please forgive us if we are not able to book you in the future, and in this case, your all pre-booked appointments will be canceled too.

  • Work from other salons:

We do not perform refill services on work that was done at other salons – NO EXCEPTIONS. If you currently have lash extensions on, you must get them removed before receiving your first new set with us. This is to avoid the risk of mixing different adhesives and materials from work done in other salons. It is to our discretion if we will keep you as a client depending on the health of your natural eyelashes.

  • Children Policy:

Our spa offers a soothing environment for all clients.  Keeping that as our focus; we do not allow children under 6 years of age in the studio unless accompanied by an adult.  This policy is also for the safety of your children since you are not able to attend to your children during your appointment.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee:

We are proud to offer a satisfaction guarantee.  Should you experience anything out of the ordinary with your lashes, please contact me by phone within 48 hours of your appointment to schedule a complimentary troubleshooting session.  Refunds not applicable.


Touch up Appointment

  • Book ahead for your next appointment!

Online booking: You may book your appointments online at www.styleseat.com or before you leave our studio, otherwise you may loose your chance due to very tight booking. Most clients will return for a refill within 2-3 weeks. If you prefer maintenance regularly, try to pre-book a few touch up appointments ahead to secure your spot! You will get text and email notifications to remind you of your scheduled appointment. This way if you need to make any changes, you have a reminder to do so in advance to avoid the cancellation fee.

  • Wait List

If you wish to go on the wait list, please make your request on www.styleseat.com.

  • Please come with No Mascara, No Eyeliner, No using makeup remover prior to appointment.

In order for you to get the maximum lashing time, please come with clean, dry lashes to your appointment, no mascara or eye makeup on your lashes, no false eyelash glue. If your eyelashes have makeup on them or mascara, or glue, there will be a $20 fee to clean them, which means  less time lashing. The adhesive will not hold if your eyelashes are not clean.  If you wear contact lenses, please bring your own case to take them off during the application.  Also, please do not to use any oily product on your eyelashes prior to your appointment.

  • Sensitive to Acrylic Adhesive:

If you have an allergic reaction to acrylic nails or any other acrylic glue applications,  please inform us before your appointment, because, you may also get an allergic reaction to general eyelash extensions glue, which mostly contains cyano-acrelate. (general eyelash extensions glues are acrylic based glue). If your eyes itch, tear-up a lot or eyelids get swollen within 24-48 hrs after the application, you may have an allergic reaction and need to have the eyelash extensions removed.  In this case, please do not wait and contact us immediately.

  • Patch Test for First time Set of Eyelash Extensions. 

The adhesive used for eyelash extensions is medical grade and is only to be applied to lashes, not the skin. It is very unlikely that clients will experience an allergic reaction, however you may opt for a patch test 24 hours before a full set of extensions are carried out to ensure you are not allergic. If there are any signs of redness or itching do not proceed with the treatment. You may opt out of this by initialing on the consent form and  accept full responsibility for any reaction that may occur.

  • Waiver & Release Form

We must ask every customer who gets eyelash extensions application to fill out and sign on the waiver & release form before the session starts.You may ask us to email this to you before your appointment so that you have it completed and saves you time at your appointment.


During the lash application: 

  • Bathroom

Please use the bathroom before coming to your appointment.  You will have to keep your eyes closed for the full time and if you are interrupted by having to get up to use the bathroom, this will mean you have less time to have your lashes put in.

  • Cellphone ringer

Please turn off the cellphone ringer. Cell phone use is not permitted during your appointment.

  • Conversation

We try to keep the environment relaxing and peaceful.  And we try to keep the conversion to a minimum.  This helps you relax and because the movement of facial muscles may interrupt the procedure.

  • On the lash application bed

Once the application starts, you need to keep your eyes closed, lay flat and be still until the application is over. Therefore, if you have a back pain problems, you may feel a little uncomfortable. Please advise us and we can offer you pillows to help make it a more comfortable experience for you.

  • Free aftercare kit:

After your completed full set of eyelashes you will receive a basic aftercare kit with instructions on how to maintain your beautiful lashes. You will receive a cleanser bottle and tools to keep your lashes clean and healthy.

  • Avoid wetting lashes for at least 24 hrs after the lash application.

We highly suggest not to wet the lashes for 24 hrs after the application  in order to prolong the glue bond. To wash your face you will want to use makeup wipes or a wet wash cloth for the first 24 hours.  Do not rinse your face.


We accept cash and most major credit cards.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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